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Okay this is cool! This is my first critique by the way. I like how you put the creativity in is a very good way for someone to g...

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Recently I've been playing a game called Revenant Dogma. A really fun rpg game. I like the main characters in it, so I might make a phew posts today. ;)
So, do you think my TF story should be of a Pokemon? If so, should it be with Eevee, Vulpix, Snivy, or Buneary? Or should I do all four?
In other news, I'm steadily and slowly working. I'm picking up a lot of ideas for my vore stories and other stories. I hope I can work on TF stories as well. Please give me some ideas. Anything.
I've still have yet to get to my brave frontier. I'll let you guys know if I do.
I've been pretty inactive. I cannot be in here long anymore. I'm running out of data. I'll come on occasions though when there's wifi on. I'm sorry guys. Preferably :iconchristiane326:
Episode 2: How a friendship begins

Saaheim wakes in bed, seeing a young boy looking at him. He had bandages all over his body, he tried to move, but the child stopped him.

???: You need to rest, please don't move yet.

Saaheim: Wait, who are you. I don't even know who you are or where I'm at.

Justin: It's Justin. I'm guessing you're from the village of Reapers, right?

Saaheim: Yes.

Justin: What happened?

Saaheim: Well, wh- I- *tears up*

Justin's heart dropped as he saw him cry. It was too much to ask already. He's been through enough.

Justin: I'm sorry I asked. It must of been to much.

???: All you can do is let him rest, and when he's ready he'll tell.

A man comes in through the door. He has a heartfelt smile and personality just be looking at his face. He wears yellow leather armor and prized sword on his belt.

Justin: Oh hey Dad.

Ryu: My name is Ryu, sorry Justin asked. He just gets a little too curious.

Saaheim: It's okay. I understand why. It just happened so fast.

Ryu: Why not talk about it?

So Saaheim did. He told them everything, from he got back to his village to when he ran away. It almost made Justin cry himself.

Justin: That's awful.

Ryu: I'm sorry for your loss.

Saaheim: It's not your fault, you don't have to apologize.

Ryu: I have an idea. Why don't you live here with us?

Saaheim: Really!?

Justin: Really!?

Ryu: Really.

Saaheim: Thank you! I wish I could hug you right now.

Justin: Just what until you heal for that. *smiles*

And that is how they're friendship started, and marked to first step to realizing they're destiny two years later.

Justin and Ryu belongs to :iconchristiane326: ^^
Opposing Team And Boss Battle info


Age: 12
Class: Warrior
Magic: Fire
Level: 20 (for now)
Weapon: Twin Fire (twin blades)
Armor: Dragon Scale (armor)
Attack: 110
Defense: 120
HP: 500
Speed: 75
Luck: 12
Bio: Saaheim's little brother, thought to be dead. When Saaheim didn't come to look for him, Jared found him and  they both willingly joined the Chaos Dragon's side. He wants to change everything back to normal using the crystals, to bring his village back to life, and then, put them back, but it won't be that easy.


Age: ???
Class: Plasma Gunner
Magic: Light
Level: 28 (For now)
Weapon: Shine (Plasma Rifle)
Armor: Gunner Armor
Attack: 175
Defense: 136
HP: 1200
Speed: 203
Luck: 15
Bio: Justin's brother, who disappeared, two years after Saaheim was found. He wants to let out the power thatbwas sealed away inside the crystals, once that, no one can stop him or his teammates for taking the world for their. He plans on betraying and defeating the Chaos Dragon so he can take control himself.


Age: 13
Class: Ninja
Magic: Dark
Level: 32 (for now)
Weapon: Crimson (Ninja blade)
Armor: Expert Ninja Armor
Attack: 180
Defense: 124
HP: 1500
Speed: 300
Luck: 10
Bio: Alex's little sister, and was also a former slave. She was supposedly killed by an arrow to the chest, and Alex had no choice but to leave her behind. The Chaos Dragon brung her back, but after hearing Christian's plan, she joins him for power, and revenge. She'd like to kill Alex for leaving her behind, but it wasn't his fault, but how can she now?


Age: 17
Class: Dragon Knight
Magic: Demonic
Level: 38 (For Now)
Weapon: Dragon Horn (spear)
Armor: Dragoon King Armor
Attack: 200
Defense: 180
HP: 2200
Speed: 99 (he's not that fast)
Luck: 8
Bio: He was a loyal soldier of the imperial army. The kingdom was a place that people could give hope to, but was destroyed by the Chaos Dragon's forces. Now he looking to bring it back, just like Tariq, but now they both are convinced to take the power fot themselves.


Age: 14
Class: Aqua Mage
Magic: Water and Ice
Level: 46
Weapon: Tsunami (staff)
Armor: Magi Robe
Attack: 230
Defense: 200
HP: 2700
Speed: 102
Luck: 6
Bio: The older brother of Marina. He decides to awaken the power of the crystals. He believes the power should no longer be sealed and let out, but he's making a big mistake. He works alone.

Chaos Dragon
Leader of the dark forces and wants to make the world for evil dragons and monsters only by destroying the world and it's occupants. We have no idea what his stats are at the moment. But we also know, he was crossed by the wrong human, and due to it he thinks all are he same promises to make a new world. With the help of five individuals, he wants his dream to become reality.

Christian and Genny belong to :iconchristiane326: :iconpoppy4526:
Episode 1: Losing Everything

Saaheim wakes up at his home eager to get ready for his training. He puts on his clothes, grabs his Scythe, and heads to his sensei Jared. Jared is found by the river in his village, wearing expert Reaper clothes.

Jared: Okay Saaheim, you ready for training?

Saaheim: Yeah!

You see, this is a very special world. This world of Silver is run by the four crystals of power in the four continents of the world. Without these crystals, the world will be in disarray. Saaheim is one of first kids chosen to save his world, because part if the reason his village suddenly was destroyed because someone tampered with one of the crystals far away. And it was planned to take over this world figured this village would be a threat.  The village is called the Village of Scales. It is because the people work with dragons. They also accepted reapers. The people here mainly use their powers for good and the protection of people, not to fight. They fight only when forced to. Since I've been talking so much, we speeded up the 10 hour training session. You see, Saaheim wants to be a heroic Reaper and his final test is tomorrow.

Jared: Good work. You've really been improving. Tomorrow will be your final test, so rest up for tomorrow.

Saaheim: Okay, Master Jared! See you tomorrow! *runs home*

Jared: Heh. Such a good kid.

The following morning, Saaheim goes out into the forest to take one of his walks. The moment he comes back, his village is in flames. He runs in to see everyone, dead. His mother, his father, his friends. He sees Jared up ahead, fighting a mysterious and powerful figure. Jared sees Saaheim and signals him to run.

Saaheim: *begins running* I can't believe this is happening!

He is chased by a few evil monsters, who successfully scratch him up a bit before letting him go. The weakened and now orphaned kid ran wearily through the woods and to the nearby village of Tole. This village is a neighboring town down south. He collapses in front of the entrance, tired and weak from the trauma.

Saaheim: (crying) W-why?

Meanwhile, a man and his son are heading to the lake to fish. His name was Ryu and his son was Justin, a nine year old boy. They see a boy right in front of the village and go to see him, shocked and checked to see if he was alive. This is the beginning of a story that is going to unfold....

Justin and Ryu belong to :iconchristiane326:
Team Reference


Age: 15
Level: 1
Class: Reaper
Weapon: Basic Scythe
Magic: Dark
Armor: Cloth Armor
Attack: 20
Defense: 15
HP: 120
Speed: 20
Luck: 2
Bio: A teenager from his village. The village is called the Village of Scales. It's a dragon village where some dragon riders and reapers originate from. The use their power for the good of people and protection, not for bloodlust or just to fight, only when forced to. Saaheim was training to be a heroic Reaper. He was going to have his final test the following day, but when he comes back after taking a short walk in the local forest, he sees his village in flames, by evil dragons and humans. He ran away so he wouldn't get found. This was when he was ten. He made it to a nearby village, and collapsed on the floor. He was found by a grown man named Ryu and his son: a 9 year old boy named Justin. He was adopted by him and he and Justin have been like brothers since. Now he, Justin and two others have been selected to save their world from destruction. He must quickly find them, before it's too late.


Age: 14
Level: 1
Class: Knight (figured because he likes Link, and link is a knight, sorta)
Weapon: Longsword
Armor: Leather Armor
Attack: 20
Defense: 17
HP: 110
Speed: 18
Luck: 3
Bio: A teenager from the village of Tole. He lives with his two brothers Christian and Jonathan. He's always wanted to be one of those famous knights he's heard about in legends. Upon leaving to go fish with his dad Ryu, he finds and unconscious boy at the entrance of the village. They adopt him. Now he and Saaheim are like brothers. After being selected to save their world from an evil force, they have to find the other two selected, before something bad happens.


Age: 11
Level: 3
Class: Thief
Weapon: twin knives
Armor: leather armor
Attack: 19
Defense: 14
HP: 105
Speed: 22
Luck: 4
Bio: Alex is the third member, and I found on he way. He is homeless and was meant to be a slave but, escaped and now steals for a living. While trying to steal from Saaheim and Justin, they fight him and win. Alex decides to go with them because he feels it would be better for him rather than steal all the time. He's a kind kid, a little timid, but can fight well in battle.

Marina (Muh-ree-nuh)

Age: 8
Level: 10 (she is found later in the story)
Class: Priest
Weapon: Healing Staff
Armor: Snow Dress
Attack: 34
Defense: 20
HP: 205
Speed: 15
Luck: 2
Bio: A girl from the Northern Snow Village. The people depend on her for her strong healing power when it gets too cold. Where she is at, her village is near in of the four sacred temples. The temples hold the crystals of power. If anyone were to take them, the world would be in disarray. Waves would be more ferocious, the wind would stop, deserts will get more hot, monsters will appear, storms will be more harsh, and places will start to die. She finds out the temple is being tampered with and only she and her brother Jacky are allowed in there. The team helps her a few times and she eventually joins the team as they go through the temple. She finds out Jacky is on the evil side and wants to stop him from doing this. She will stop at nothing to do so.

Justin and Alex are :iconchristiane326: :iconpoppy4526:
Chapter 1 part 3, Second exhibition

Travis: I didn't see this coming.

Earlier in the series Travis and Saaheim were scheduled to fight in an exhibition, and it's not going good for Travis, considering the fact that the Riolu has a sword.

Their swords clash and clang, but Travis was better at it. He threw the Riolu off and shot a few projectile slashes at him. Just as soon aa Saaheim lands on his feet he's hit.

Saaheim: Heh, not bad. *bleeding everywhere*

He runs up to Travis and brings him into the air with a sharp uppercut. Saaheim jumped and slashed Travis a few times and shot a green beam at him from the sword, sending Travis into a wall.

Ace: Ugh, what does it take to defeat him? He just refuses to go down.... I think it's time I did a little research. *walks away from the scene*

Saaheim is thrown back a little by Travis, by a reckless move he made. The two stand in front of each other and get ready to end it. They run up to each other but as soon as Travis slashes, Saaheim ducks, puts his sword away gets Travis with a Shadow Claw.

Saaheim: I'm little, but I'm tough, looks can be deceiving, so don't underestimate me, Travis. You fight pretty well.

The two suddenly collapse. Travis must of pulled something off before it was over.

Game Master: And its over in a draw. The two will be healed. *uses healing power to bring them back to normal health*

The two get up and walk off. Justin begins to walk over to his friends, but is cut off by Laurie.

Laurie: Your little friend got lucky, but cross me, and you'll regret it.

Justin: Stop it with the act. You think you're tough but I know you. Travis is stronger than you and the reason he lost in that colosseum was because you convinced him to. You're not as powerful as you think and if you think you have a bad temper, you should try looking at his. *points to Ryu* I doubt you'll even live after you've fought him. *pushes the Lucario out of the way and walks over to Saaheim*

Laurie: We'll see about that.

Game Master: We will now have a second Exhibition! Will Riolu and Isaac please move up to the battlefield? Also, other matches will unfold during the exhibition.

Riolu: I guess I'm up. Wish me luck.

Doug: Good luck.

Isaac: Alright here I go.

Mia: Isaac, be careful.

The two are in front of each other. Isaac pulls out his Gaia Blade while Riolu gets into a fighting stance.

Game Master: Riolu is a blue cat with amazing powers from his world, while Isaac is from the game Golden Sun, and Earth Adept with incredible power. And begin!

Riolu: Alright, I'll let you go first.

Isaac: I wish you wouldn't have said that. *smirks*

He begins to conjure a spell, holding his sword in the air, a giant ancient sword, is made in the air out of energy and begins to crash down on Riolu. You then hear Isaac say the name of the spell.

Isaac: Ragnarok!
He swings his sword down and it comes down at the blue cat. He dodges it barely, but is still hit.

Riolu: Gah! How in the world!?

This will be one difficult fight.

To be continued....

Characters belong to :iconchristiane326: :icontravis-lawson: :iconimfatty: :iconbluecatriolu: :icondoug-the-dog:
© Golden Sun ©Nintendo


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